Some of the audio tracks (media tab) are taken from the following releases (artists are listed in alphabetical order).  

Darlene Bailey  

Ricky Rudd (single from the release "Wrenches & Rags")

Marc Bridge
American dReam

Jenni Brooks 

Briana Cash
Take a Walk With Me (DVD) Susan G. Komen Benefit Concert at the Hard Rock Cafe Boston, MA

The Croad Brothers
The Croad Brothers

Duane D'Agnese  
Working For The Man (single from his latest release)

Perry Desmond-Davies
New Beginnings (single from the release "Sweet Ride")

Rich Eilbert 
Back From the War

Fiske and Herrera
Just Breathe

Greg Gallo
Lady Madonna (single from the release "Gallo Goes Crazy")

Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee
Better Off Someday

Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee
Whole Other World

Steve Gretz and Leslie Lee
Two Hands (single from the release "Some Bright Morning")

Bill Hartzell
Air America

Bill Hartzell
Different Agenda


John MacLean
Letters Home

Jon McAuliffe
In This Present Form

Hayley Reardon
Beautiful Simplicity

Gerry Ryan 
Today in Yesteryear  

Ellen Schmidt
Make Me No Lazy Love (single from the release "Joy")

Mark Stepakoff
The Story Behind The Story