Thanks for a great day in the studio; you are an amazing drummer with incredible instincts. It was truly eye opening watching you and Seth work your magic. I can’t wait till the CD is complete (American dReam).
- Marc “Sonic” Bridge

Your drumming on “Potter’s Clay” and “I Wait For You” (M. Bridge) was sublime. Once again, I have to say I am so glad you’re my studio drummer.
- Seth Connelly (Humming Lake Studios)

Really, really loved what you laid down; you brought everything I was hearing in my head and then some. You've been so solid on this project (In This Present Form); the stuff you did was through the roof. The quality of sound, the time, the ideas, the precision; both Seth are I were just blown away. Everything you played on is now just twice as good. The challenge now is for me to able to come up to your level in some way.
Thanks for everything, man. You are the King of Percussionosity!!!!
- John McAuliffe

“Tear Down Every Wall” is a smashing combo of blues, gospel, and social protest. Brimming with energy and vigor, McAuliffe swings into action when he calls for people on different sides of fences to get together as people, not to divide themselves into different camps based on race, gender, religion, and political party. Don Croad’s drums, Seth Connelly’s guitar and bass, and harmonies from Robin Winter, Bernadette Wiemer, and Jenny Jones turn this number into something, like a great soul song, that jumps and shouts with soulful abandon."
- Bill Copeland Music News (read more)

I liked your work and style; like all good musicians, I think you blended in well and added your own touches. I appreciate your contributions to my project (Today in Yesteryear).
- Gerry Ryan

I wanted to personally thank you for playing drums on my CD (Wrenches and Rags). The "Ricky Rudd My NASCAR Stud" track definitely has the butt-kicking energy I was going for - and I love how the drums really step it up!
- Darlene Baily